Discovering the True History of Mt Karakas

The session starts out with the heroes in a battle against a nest of spiderlings deep within Mt Karakas in the Ankheg tunnels. As the spiderlings are almost defeated, an Ankheg appears, grabs Sardis and then burrows underground. The giant monster resurfaces nearby, still holding the swordmage, but the heroes assault it heavily and it dies.

Continuing their journey, the heroes come across Penny’s trail and follow it to a crack in the wall that leads into the abandoned dwarven hold in Mt Karakas. The party finds themselves in a large larder that hasn’t been used in several hundred years. As they explore, they find machines designed for processing grains and food stuffs as well as a large kitchen.

To the south, they find a small room with a teleportation circle and a dais that controls the magic. Inside the room is also a map that shows a Temple of Moradin nearby. Before activating the teleportation circle, the party agrees to investigate the temple.

Inside the temple, they find a dwarven ghost. Although he never introduces himself, Mahel recognizes his uniform to be that of the High Priest to the King. The ghost is surprised to see someone in the temple besides duergar or their slaves. When asked about the duergar, the ghost tells a story about the mountain and the Law of Depths. The main parts of the story are outlined below:

  • Moradin built the Mt Karakas as a new home for the Thane and his clan. Additionally, Moradin built the mountain to serve as a prison for a powerful demon buried beneath it. This fact He withheld from the dwarves, but he did enact the Law Of Depths which forbade digging to deeply into the mountain.
  • Many centuries past, until Joruun, the angel of Moradin, appeared and warned the High Priest and the King of a darkness that threated the entire clan if the Law of Depth was broken. The King had no intention of breaking Moradin’s law.
  • A war began between the dwarves and several denziens of the underdark. The dwarves were fairing badly until a mine-ager showed the king a new ore that he had discovered. When smelted into weapons and armor, the metal had magical properties. The king ordered a full squadron be outfitted with equipment made from this precious ore.
  • With their new weapons, the dwarves were able to defeat their enemies and reclaim the Eastridge portions of the hold.
  • After the victory, the King went to visit the mine that held the ore and was appalled that the mine-ager had broken the Law of Depths. The mine-ager, however, convinced the king to keep the mine open with the promise of the entire dwarven army equiped with the magical metal to protect the hold.
  • Soon thereafter, miners began to become more aggressive and this transition spread and worsened until they dwarves were no longer recognizable as dwarves. They had become dark dwarves or duergar.
  • The angel Jorunn appeared again just as a civil war broke out among the dwarves and the duergar. Joruun told all that would listen to escape the hold and head west across Feldon Valley. The Angel then returned to the hold and fought alongside the dwarves.
  • Joruun was killed in battle and buried in the tomb underneath the temple. Soon thereafter, the high priest was also killed.
  • The high priest also says that the tomb can only be opened by the High Priest. However, the duergar often attempt to break in and loot its treasures.

After telling his story, the High Priest pulls a scroll from his robes and hands it to Mahel before disappearing. The scroll holds the Angel’s Prophecy. Mahel reads the prophecy to the group who then begin searching for further clues around the temple.

They discover that the statues in the temple all represent a past King, his chosen Warrior and his High Priest. As they study each of the statues, they find that the High Priests all have the last name Fikodbabin and they find a statue of the ghost named Grimm Fikodbabin. Recalling the dreams that they have experienced earlier, they know they must find Grimm’s grandson, Thob, who is in Red Rock.

Before heading to Red Rock, the heroes still must contend with the Duergar and the slaves. Therefore they return to the teleportation room and activate it. There they meet a pair of guards that the party easily defeats.


Current Active Quests

  • Free the captured slaves in the Duergar lair located in the abandoned mines of Mount Karakas.
  • Find Thob Fikodbabin and obtain his assistance in opening the angel’s tomb.
  • Obtain the Hammer of Moradin (Mahel).
  • Return to Red Magic and Sundries in a weeks’ time to see magical items that Tamond Webb has procured. (Caedus)



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