Establishing an Alliance

Fresh from their victory against the bullywug scouting party, the heroes decide to seek out the local lizardfolk and ask for their assistance. Unfamiliar with the territory, the heroes relied on Hadrian to guide the way. Hadrian was able to successfully track a small group of lizardfolk, but the trek crossed paths with a swampy lagoon of unhappy crocodiles. The party was able to adjust the crocodiles’ mood to a more neutral emotion with only a few swords and spells to the face.

At last, the heroes encountered the lizardfolk party that they had been tracking. Approaching with caution, Sonnet, followed by Sardis and Aelar, introduced themselves and explained their situation. The lizardfolk in charge seemed to believe enough of their tale to send a scout to fetch the tribe’s leader.

Convincing the tribe leader of the authenticity of the party’s tale was much more difficult. If not for the charisma and skills of Sonnet, the party would have surely failed. However, an uneasy alliance was agreed upon. The tribe leader agreed to send a handful of warriors to lead the party to the bullywug camp and assist in the assault.

The assault on the camp would take place on two different areas. The heroes were given the task of crossing a very shallow, but wide river and attacking the bullywugs from the east. The lizardfolk attacked from the west.

The battle for the river’s shore was hard fought. The party made quick work of the initial guards, but the reinforcements from within the camp were much hardier opponents. Still, like before, the heroes were successful. Before continuing onward, the party decided to take a small rest to regroup and catch their breaths.


Mark, who plays Machu Pichu, was unable to attend the session at the last moment. His character was played by Lauren. Sonnet was able to locate and safely dig up the remaining pieces of marsh root that he needed to deliver to Tamond Webb.

Current Quests

  • Return to Red Magic and Sundries in a weeks’ time to see magical items that Tamond Webb has procured. (Caedus)
  • Deliver the 15 pieces of marsh root to Tamond Webb. (Sonnet)
  • Discover Keaen Swiller’s fate. (Machu)
  • Lorak Balefrost, owner of the Thirsty Zombie, is concerned about his nephew. Search the road leading to Port Haven for any clues to the nephew’s whereabouts.
  • An exotic pet trainer named Fenton Graylock is looking to hire adventures in Brindol.
  • Search for information about the demon Belfagor. (Caedus)
  • Restore honor to the Aubrek family. (Hadrian)
  • Find someone worthy of protecting. (Sardis)
  • Return to Jalissa. (Hadrian)
  • Avoid being discovered by the Bronzeknuckle Brothers. (Aelar)



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