New Beginings

The day after their return from Rivenroar Keep, the heroes spend the morning looking for work in Brindol. On Councilmen Troyas’ suggestion, Sardis visits the Thirsty Zombie run by a half-elf named Lorak Balefrost. The Thirsty Zombie is known to be a promising locale for mercenaries and adventurers looking for work.

Lorak, himself, has a job for the heroes. His cousin left Port Haven with a cart full of dwarven ale over a week ago and has not yet arrived in Brindol. Another half-elf, Aelar, overhears the bartenders plight and asks Sardis if he may join in on the search. The bartender also mentions that a Brindol resident, Fenton Graylock, may also have a job for the heroes.

Hadrian arrives at the Thirsty Zombie with news from the Shrine of the Sun. Cale Graylock knows of a graveyard in the northern woods that’s infested with undead. He would like the heroes to clear them out so that he can perform final rites over the dead.

Lorak is then approached by a goliath named Machu Pichu. The goliath is searching for a man named Keaen Swiller. The bartender has met the man and knows that he lives in the woods to the north. He suggests that the goliath speak with Tura Fletcher, a jewelery merchant. Tura is a friend of Keaen’s and knows the approximate location of his cabin. She draws a map for Machu and the goliath returns to the Thirsty Zombie to find aid.

With the addition of Aelar and Machu Pichu, the party prepares to head north into the woods. Before leaving, Caedus visits Red Robes and Sundries, a magic shop run by Tamond Webb. Caedus mentions that he is looking for possible black-market magical items. Tamond requests 50 gold and agrees to have items within a week’s time.

The party then leaves Brindol and heads north. After a brief encounter with some ettercaps, the heroes arrive at Swiller’s cabin.


This is the first session of the open world/sandbox game. Two new characters, Aelar (Corey) and Machu Pichu (Mark), joined the party.

Current Quests

  • Eliminate the undead lingering at the ancient Nerath graveyard for Cale Graylock at Shrine of the Sun in Brindol.
  • Return to Red Magic and Sundries in a weeks’ time to see magical items that Tamond Webb has procured. (Caedus)
  • Locate Keaen Swiller. (Machu)
  • Lorak Balefrost, owner of the Thirsty Zombie, is concerned about his nephew. Search the road leading to Port Haven for any clues to the nephew’s whereabouts.
  • An exotic pet trainer named Fenton Graylock is looking to hire adventures in Brindol.
  • Search for information about the demon Belfagor. (Caedus)
  • Restore honor to the Aubrek family. (Hadrian)
  • Find someone worthy of protecting. (Sardis)
  • Return to Jalissa. (Hadrian)
  • Avoid being discovered by the Bronzeknuckle Brothers. (Aelar)



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