Here is a brief history of what occurred during the first adventure of the Scales of War campaign.

  • The town of Brindol was ransacked by hobgoblins wearing the symbol of the Order of the Red Hand. During the attack, the hobgoblins stole some of the town’s artifacts and kidnapped seven people.
  • Councilmember Edward Troyas asked the heroes to find the hobgoblins, save the people and recover the artifacts.
  • After causing a riot, the heroes convinced a hobgoblin captive to tell them the location of the hobgoblin’s hideout. It’s Castle Rivenroar!
  • While traveling to Castle Rivenroar, the heroes got lost and disrupted a bunch of Kuthiks.
  • While camped outside of Rivenroar, the party had a bizzare shared dream. In the dream, the party was confronting a powerful demon named Belfagor! The demon insinuated that he was able to enter this world through the actions of Caedus. The demon also mentioned he first met Caedus at the Tower of the Sealed Portal.
  • As expected, Castle Rivenroar is full of various goblinoids.
  • Unexpectedly, the castle also seems to be inhabited by a health population of undead.
  • While searching the castle, the heroes defeated a trio of ettercaps and found the dead body of Kartenix, the guard captain of Brindol and father to one of the other captives.
  • Undeterred by the loss of the captain, the party moved onward and discovered Jalissa, an acolyte of Ioun. She seems quite shaken and clings to Hadrian.
  • Down in the depths of Castle Rivenroar, the heroes found the Hobgoblin leader, Sinruth! He attacked with a chain weapon with much skill, but the heroes defeat him easily!
  • Also in the Castle, you found an alter to Bane. Under closer examination, the heroes discovered that it originally was dedicated to Vecna!
  • Tired and beaten from the day’s battles, the heroes set up a make-shift camp inside the keep.
  • Before long, their rest was interrupted by a hobgoblin patrol. The hobgoblins discovered Sinruth’s body and were searching for intruders. A fight erupts. As the hobgoblins begin to lose the battle, they fled into the next room, alerting others of the heroes’ presence.
  • The fight continued to grow as the heroes’ enemies continue to flee into adjoining hallways and rooms. The heroes battle hobgoblins, were-rats, a carnage demon and a magic-wielding gnome. Eventually, the heroes are victorious and seek shelter in the keep’s temple.
  • Once rested, the heroes continue to explore the keep. They come upon the undead that haunt the ancient structure and quickly put an end to their “lives”.
  • Further exploration of Rivenroar Keep only reveals the bodies of the kidnapped villagers. Apparently, once Sinruth’s body was discovered and any patrols sent to the lower levels did not return, the remaining hobgoblins killed the hostages and fled.
  • With the town’s artifacts in hand and only one surviving villager, the heroes head back to Brindol.



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