Rescue in the Swamps

After their short rest, the part heads towards the center of the camp. They presence is discovered quickly and the bullywugs respond with force. Female bullywugs and children run for safety as a skirmish breaks out. On the other side of camp, the lizardfolk begin their attack.

The bullywug chieftain has little regard for his warriors and attacks the heroes with multiple area of effect spells that also damage his allies. For a moment, this tactic seemed to work as both Hadrian and Aelar were knocked unconscious, but the tables turned with a majestic word from Sonnet.

After slaying the cheiftain, Machu Pichu found Keaen drugged and restrained in a mud hut nearby. In celebration of their victory, the lizardfolk invite the heroes back to their camp for a feast.


This was a relatively short session as it really only included one “boss” encounter and a division of treasure.

Current Quests

  • Return to Red Magic and Sundries in a weeks’ time to see magical items that Tamond Webb has procured. (Caedus)
  • Deliver the 15 pieces of marsh root to Tamond Webb. (Sonnet)
  • Lorak Balefrost, owner of the Thirsty Zombie, is concerned about his nephew. Search the road leading to Port Haven for any clues to the nephew’s whereabouts.
  • An exotic pet trainer named Fenton Graylock is looking to hire adventures in Brindol.
  • Search for information about the demon Belfagor. (Caedus)
  • Restore honor to the Aubrek family. (Hadrian)
  • Find someone worthy of protecting. (Sardis)
  • Return to Jalissa. (Hadrian)
  • Avoid being discovered by the Bronzeknuckle Brothers. (Aelar)



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