The Celebration Feast (an Epilogue)

With a final blow, the mud lord king falls at the heroes feet. Dark brown mud seeps out from a large gash running across his vocal sack. The group begins a frantic search to find the mysterious Keaen Swiller.

Caedus is the first to find him, curled in the corner of a mud hut. Dried blood and mud stains the stranger’s clothes and Caedus fears the worst. Hearing his call for help, Sonnet and Mahel rush to Caedus. After a closer inspection, they find faint traces of life, and with there healing skills are able to stabalize the injured man.

Meanwhile, Sardis, Aelar and Machu Pichu group up with their lizardfolk allies to chase off or strike down any remaining bullywugs from the camp. Once everything has calmed, the lizardfolk named Dactyl approaches.

“On behalf of my tribe, I thank you,” he says in a deep, raspy voice. “I am told that Tik’Coxyl, the one you call Keaen, is badly injured. We shall take him back to our camp and have our shamans see to him. You and your allies will join us at a feast this evening in honor of the great spirits of battle.”

The feast is an amazing experience. For all but Machu Pichu, the event is like none they have ever seen. The lizardfolk don elaborate headdresses and necklaces, they paint their bodies in extremely detailed designs. With surprise grace they dance around bonfires and chant. They are soon joined by semi-transparent creatures that look like a hodge-podge of different animals. These creatures are their spirit guides. Machu joins the festivities as the others watch in awe.

The following day, Keaen is well enough to travel. He bids farewell to his lizardfolk friends and leads you through the swamp back to Brindol. After hearing the story of his rescue, Keaen fills in some missing pieces.

“The lizardfolk – they are very territorial bunch. The Deep Heathen Swamps is their home and they have been known to kill those that trespass. Several years ago, a handful of young men decide to prove themselves as fancy, brave heroes by entering the swamps and bringing back the head of a lizardfolk. The bodies of all five were discovered outside the town’s main gate two days later. Well, everything except their heads.

Before the town council sent the town guard to ‘wipe out’ the lizardfolk, I managed to step in and resolve the situation peacefully. After about a year of building a relationship between myself and the lizardfolk, they invited me to partake in a sacred ritual that made me a member of their tribe. They named me Tik’Coxyl, which roughly translates to ‘Outsider With Respect’".

A couple months ago, the bullywugs arrived from somewhere in the south. There was a large battle and both sides lost many warriors. The swamp itself seemed to be suffering from their presence. Many of the animals and spirits that inhabited this land vanished. The plants became bitter and the trees began to wilt. I tried to talk to them in the same manner I first approached the lizardfolk, but they attacked me on sight.

I guess they saw me as a threat and tried to attack me in the woods north of Brindol. That’s why the lizardfolk shamans placed that glyph in my house. To warn me of another attack. And so when I felt the magic seal break as the bullywugs attacked, I grabbed my crossbow, bolts and began donning my armor. But unfortunately, the bullywugs had sent their mud men as scouts. As soon as they saw me awake, they attacked and held me until the bullywugs could take me down.

It seems the bullywugs were hoping to pinpoint my death on the lizardfolk to start another incident between them and Brindol. Lucky for me, though, you all showed up and were able to set things right."

Now, as you can imagine, the town was in an uproar. The council was formulating plans to hire mercenaries to storm across the swamps and slaughter the entire population. But that didn’t seem right to me, so I volunteered to handle the situation without payment. In return, the council would have to agree to give me two weeks before sending in mercenaries. They agreed as long as no other civilians were killed.

I had visited the outskirts of the swamps on occasion, but never had I journey more than a half mile in. In all truth, it was a scary thing to do. But I did it anyway. Walked right in. Now, I was careful to not disturb anything and to avoid as many of the creatures that live here as possible. And I was extra careful to look for any signs of the lizardfolk. Once i found something, I sat down and waited. For three days I waited until I heard a branch snap out in the high grasses. Everything became suddenly still and I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. And as I peered through the foliage and the grass, I could just make out the outline of a lizardfolk. He was just crouching there, watching me. So, I continued to sit.

The next day I shot a panther, brought it to the same spot, skinned it, butchered it and then left it there. When I returned the next day, it was gone. I then began to bring other gifts. Small tokens that I carved from wood or beads I made from rocks and clay.

Eventually, when I arrived at my spot, I found something waiting for me. It was a necklace and a small medallion carved from bone and decorated with panther teeth. Two days after that, three lizardfolk stepped out of the foliage and grass to talk. Over a few more days, I was able to clarify the situation with them and they agreed to try to be more lenient towards trespassing townsfolk.

Brindol seemed happy having some sort of rules and order regarding the situation in place. The council forbid granting any city resources toward attacking the lizardfolk in retaliation of any slain trespassers."


We didn’t have a lot of time after the last session for a wrap-up, so I sent the above through email.



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