The Deep Heathen Swamps

The next morning, the party gathers outside of the Thirsty Zombie as discussed. While waiting for everyone to show up, Hadrian uses the scroll of Cure Disease to cure Caedus of his affliction. The process took a toll on the tiefling, but he survived the ordeal.

Once everyone arrived, the party debated on what path to take next. A couple of people wanted to pursue the rumors of people disappearing on the road to the north. Others wanted to continue investigating Keaen’s disappearance and head for the Deep Heathen Swamps to the south. In the end, the swamp vote won and the party began their journey.

Arriving at the swamp, the party was welcomed by a storm brewing in the distance. Their first encounter consisted of a fight with a shambling mound, a blood vine and a few drowned zombies. Sonnet and Mahel collected some marsh root for Tamond Webb and the party continued on.

They came to a shallow riverbed. It’s slick mud forced the party to move cautiously. The storm continued to drench the heroes and a small flash flood began to sweep through the river bed. As the water level began to rise, a group of bullywugs and a bog toad leapt out of hiding and attacked the party.

Swords clanged and spells whizzed through the air as the water continued to rise. Logs and debris from further up stream floated quickly past the combatants, threatening to knock prone anybody who got in its way.

During the combat, Sonnet yelled to the bullwug Mud Lord that they were only interested in finding Keaen and this fight was unnecessary. Upon hearing Keaen’s name, the Mud Lord becomes even more angered. One of the bullywug grapplers croaked out, “He is ours! You cannot have him!”

In the end, the party slew the bullywugs and the giant toad.


In the second encounter, i tried to do something a little different than usual with the floating debris and the harsh terrain. If i were to run it again, i would definitely change a few things, but on the whole, i think it worked fairly well.

Current Quests

  • Return to Red Magic and Sundries in a weeks’ time to see magical items that Tamond Webb has procured. (Caedus)
  • Collect 15 pieces of marsh root for Tamond Webb. (Sonnet)
  • Discover Keaen Swiller’s fate. (Machu)
  • Lorak Balefrost, owner of the Thirsty Zombie, is concerned about his nephew. Search the road leading to Port Haven for any clues to the nephew’s whereabouts.
  • An exotic pet trainer named Fenton Graylock is looking to hire adventures in Brindol.
  • Search for information about the demon Belfagor. (Caedus)
  • Restore honor to the Aubrek family. (Hadrian)
  • Find someone worthy of protecting. (Sardis)
  • Return to Jalissa. (Hadrian)
  • Avoid being discovered by the Bronzeknuckle Brothers. (Aelar)



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