Angel's Prophecy

Hear this warning that I bring
Of the future, please my king.
You must caution one and all
Or this hold will surely fall.
If your miners dig too deep,
You’ll wake demons that now sleep

And then the darkness will prevail again
And take you all away from Moradin.

Though you will not heed my words
Some will hear me, rest assured.
I will guide them to take flight
And escape this awful plight.
And to you I’ll give my life
Though it will not quell your strife.

And the darkness will prevail again
And take us all away from Moradin.

I’ll be dead and I’ll be gone
’Til the coming of the dawn.
But for those that head out west
Unto you I grant this quest.
Five stone warriors hold the key
That will save our destiny.

And the darkness will prevail again
Unless you wield the strength of Moradin.

Twice eclipsed in three times four
Marks the op’ning of the door.
Then the host will walk these halls
Many ages past our fall.
When the mountain opens wide
And spews out what’s hid inside

The fight against the darkness will begin.
Protect us all, O mighty Moradin.

From the mountains to the plains
To the marshes wet with rain,
From the oceans to the skies
To the young and to the wise,
From the frightened to the bold
Let them know what I’ve foretold.

The Dwarven nation shall prevail again
With thanks to you and thanks to Moradin.

Angel's Prophecy

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