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The area known as Feldon Valley was first colonized by humans over 400 years ago. Other races have lived in the area for much longer and had many names for the valley, but the human colonists chose not to notice or chose not to care.

The colonists were lead by Hagar Feldon who established the Fort Haven for the Nerathi Empire. Early life in the valley was not easy for the colonists and when the Empire fell into ruins, things did not get better. After eighty years of withstanding the wilderness of the valley, Fort Haven was abandoned.

More than a decade passed before new colonists arrived. They too fell victim to the wilds of the valley. As did the group after that. When the final bastions of the Nerathi Empire fell, the wealthy shifted their budgets away from exploration of new lands and instead focused on trying claim a piece of the broken empire.

In 856, a damaged trading ship made port in the ruins of the old fort. Once the ship was repaired, the ship’s captain stayed behind with a dozen of his crew and set up a trading post – free of laws, tariffs and government. As word of the captain’s trading post spread and people arrived to build a permanent settlement, the old fort was renamed Port Haven.

The independence of the village and its valley gained the attention of many and soon people flocked to the tiny village of Port Haven. The village quickly became a city and people moved further and further into the wilderness, establishing farms and villages along the way.

Surrounded on three sides by treacherous mountains, the preferred way to travel to the Valley is by boat or air-ship. The north side of Feldon Valley opens up into the DHJGFFG Ocean.


Places of Interest:
Port Haven
Red Rock
Mount Karakas
Deep Haven Swamps
Three Hills
Talon Village

A brief timeline of events:
387 – Hagar Feldon of the Nerathi Empire establishes first human settlement in Feldon Valley. The settlement comes to be known as Fort Haven.
392 – Feldon Keep is built in the Norwood Forest.
426 – Hagar Feldon leaves the valley upon summons of the King.
428 – Feldon Keep and the surround village is looted and burned to the ground by savage tribes from the mountains.
432 – King of Nerathi Empire dies. Empire turns to chaos.
462 – Dragon attacks Fort Haven. Thousands die. Feldon Valley is deemed inhospitable by most humans.
856 – Human settlers arrive at the ruins of Fort Haven. They rename the settlement Port Haven.
871 – Halfling tribes of the valley establish Three Hills as permanent settlement
873 – Fall of Mount Karakas
924 – Rivenroar Keep constructed to guard the Valley from the mountain tribes.
926 – Brindol Founded
1008 – Shadow Curtain appears
1051 – Red Hand of Doom raids Feldon Valley
1109 – Current Year

Feldon Valley

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